Valencia, Venezuela – Barbara + Victor

This was a great destination wedding in Valencia, Venezuela! Barbara & Victor are a lovely and

sexy couple. They are truly soulmates, high school sweet hearts…

Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy!

Venezuelan wedding

Trashing the dress Trashing the dress

Trashing the dress

Trashing the dress








2 thoughts on “Valencia, Venezuela – Barbara + Victor”

  1. Eugenio you are just THE BEST! Extraordinary work! Thank you for all your effort and love. I’m so glad we had you guys again in our team; First, our Legal wedding…Then, our Religious wedding… Both of them a dream come true. Great experience! We can see how you captured our love.. Me and Victor, 12 years together and you took every smile, every look, every caress in just a shoot! Thank you!!! We cannot wait to see the rest!!!!

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