Lake Worth Casino Ballroom Lake Worth, Florida – Anju and Justin

Love is a universal language. No matter the country or the culture, love is all the same. Anju and Justin’s wedding is a mere testimony of this! This couple had two weddings, including an Indian style wedding. On a Friday, the wedding took place at the Indus Indian and Herbal Cuisine. Among Hanna tattoos, delicate Indian jewelry and accessories, beautifully done makeup, and a tremendous variety of colors and designs, we were able to experience a ceremony we have never photographed before. We were able to be present in the rituals, such as the father in law washing the groom’s feet. We learned so much in this multicultural wedding that it made it so special for us as well. The colors of the location and the outfits were vibrant just like the hearts of Anju and Justin that day. On Saturday, the celebrations continued with the second part of the wedding at the Casino in Lake Worth. The couple was so welcoming and everyone was so fun, they made us have a great time during the whole event. This is a small preview of their amazing story.









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