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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!! :–)

  2. Hola, un placer para esta servidora de haberlo conocido, casualidades de la vida, espero acepte mi mensaje si Ud. quiere, nos une el arte y nuestro idioma, saludos a su chica……

  3. Simply the best -Top Class!

  4. Darcee Clark wedding.

    I am the owner of Key Largo Lighthouse Beach. I am sorry that I was not on the property last weekend and missed the opportunity to meet you.

    I have two questions :

    Can we use your watermarked photos on our website?

    Would you like to be in our vendor catalog?

    We like your photos and hope you will become a regular here.

  5. Hi there.. we are looking for a wedding photographer on 22 nov 2015. We are based in Malaysia.can you kindly advice on the quotation pls.tq

  6. Hi!

    I am interested in the possibility of you being the photographer for a wedding scheduled May 28, 2016. I think your work is amazing! Please let me know if you are available, if so, let’s discuss!


  7. Getting married Sunday, Nov.29, 2015, what are your rates for 8hrs

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